What Does A Good Online Visa Consultation Look Like?

For many, when going through a visa application process, traveling to an office for a consultation is not an option. Especially if an applicant is overseas or interstate.

For those reasons, our team at Modern Migration Australia have the ability to conduct any meeting online, providing the applicant the exact same experience as they would get in a face-to-face consultation, but allowing them to meet from their current location.

Not only does an online consultation make it extremely convenient for the period of the meeting, but the consultation is also recorded.

This allows the applicant to save all the information and continue the communication throughout the process. It also means an applicant has the opportunity to ask any questions later on. Perhaps questions they didn’t think of at the time.

What does a successful online visa consultation look like?

The setting

A visa application process can not only be lengthy but at times it can be a little confusing. So, during our online visa consultation we have several things in place. Firstly, Very much like a face-to-face meeting, online consultations are also hosted in the boardroom. This room also has a whiteboard.

It allows every detail to be written down while discussing the application, creating clarity and the opportunity to visualise the details and process. The room has good lighting, creating a very clear picture, as if the applicant was in the room.

One thing an applicant will need for this meeting is access to the internet. All online consultations will be using programs such as Zoom, Skype, or whatever works best for the applicant.

The Consultation

After an introduction, the discovery begins. Using the whiteboard, we begin looking at the specific visa the applicant is applying for.

A crucial part of the application process is that an applicant understands the criteria. Every visa has a criteria. So, the discovery process includes all the information the applicant will need for the best chances to receive the visa approval.

One of, if not the most important parts of an application is ‘your story’. This is something we will discuss in depth. The story is important because it allows an applicant to showcase who they are. It also allows them to build a case for why they need this visa.

Lastly, the most important thing to keep in mind is that an online video consultation is certainly a great way to get a visa consultation and begin or continue and application.

And the best part about an online consultation is the recording .

An applicant will receive the full videos of the meeting, not having to memorise any of the details that were discussed.

Lastly, the visa application processed can, as we mentioned, be somewhat confusing and overwhelming at times. So, we certainly encourage that for any question (especially those that may impact the outcome of an application) an applicant seeks professional advice.

For any questions regarding visas and visa applications for Australia, reach out to us team at Modern Migration Australia.

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