What is the Best Visa Consultation Process?

When meeting a visa applicant for the first time, it is crucial we are able to provide the most relevant, accurate, and up to date information.

As migration and visa experts in Australia, we’ve had the pleasure of helping many clients with their applications over the years.

It is a true honour to assist in the process. That said, we are fully aware that it isn’t always a simple one.

In fact, the collection of information, put together with what seems at times as an overwhelming amount of paperwork is one of the main reasons we love sitting down with people and helping them with their specific application.

At the end of the day, if there’s a way to make an application process pain and stress free, we are always happy to do so.

For us at Modern Migration and our clients, it all starts from the initial consultation.

The visa consultation process

Many of our clients are based interstate or overseas. So, when it comes to meetings and consultations, we have several options.

The first option is having the meeting online, on Zoom. This gives both parties the opportunity to meet face-to-face while not having to travel.

The second option is our face-to-face meetings in our office.

Either way, we always start with a discovery to understand what it is the applicant is trying to achieve. Typically, it is answers regarding a specific visa and the process it involves.

We find that the most efficient way to conduct these meetings is using our whiteboard. It allows us to map out the current situation and build a plan moving forward.

It’s also crucial to note that many in the visa application process don’t speak english as a first language. So, having everything written down on the whiteboard helps with the alignment of all the information.

Understanding what visa one needs is crucial. An important step we take involves beginning the discussion of the visa an applicant has come to talk about.

At times we find that during the initial discussion, there’s a visa that is more suitable for that specific person and case.

Visa Requirements

The next step is discussing the criteria of the visa. It’s crucial to make sure the applicant has the relevant information they will require for the process.

During our consultation, if there’s anything regarding the criteria we will need more information about, the applicant will have the specific understanding of what is required to be able to take the next steps in the process.

All visas have criteria. Our goal with the process is to ensure the applicants meet it. If they don’t currently, thats ok. As long as they applicant understands the required steps.

Although fairly rare, at times we find that the conclusion from our meeting is that an applicant currently does not have any visa options. Either way, everything we chat about during the meeting is provided to the applicant, whether that be through pictures or documents.

For us, the consultation is about achieving an applicant’s goal and because every case is different, we are sure to never leave any stone un-turned, ensuring we have all the information related to the specific case.

We say specific case because often we hear from applicants regarding a visa their friends and family received, so again, it’s important to remember that each case is unique.

We find that our initial consultations are the perfect way to begin the application process and allow the alignment of all the information and expectations.

For any further information regarding visas for Australia, contact us at Modern Migration Australia.

Wishing you all the best.

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