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Visa Information

Visitor Visas

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa


The Visitor Visa, subclass 600, replaces the previous subclass 676 and 679 Tourist Visas and 456 and 459 Business Short Stay Visas.

The new Visitor Visa, subclass 600, is designed to allow you to visit Australia, to visit family and enjoy a holiday. The Visitor Visa can also be accessed by business people undertaking a short-stay in Australia, for business purposes such as attending conferences, meetings, business opportunity investigations, business development, and other related activities.

The Visitor Visa, subclass 600, is a temporary visa, however depending on the visa conditions applied, it may be possible to apply onshore to extend the visa, or apply for other applicable visas.*

*This option is not available under the Sponsored Family Stream.
This visa has four streams:

  • Tourist stream: this stream is available if you want to holiday, visit family and friends or come to Australia for other general recreational activities;
  • Business Visitor stream: this stream is available if you want to visit Australia for a short business trip; to attend a conference, investigate business opportunities or engage in and complete contract negotiations. Please note there are restrictions on the type of work you can undertake under this stream. Please call us for more information;
  • Sponsored Family stream: this stream is available if you are being sponsored by an eligible family member* in Australia and they have invited you to visit their family.
  • Approved Destination Status stream: this stream is available if you are from the People’s Republic of China and are travelling in an organised tour group, with anapproved tour agent.

*An eligible family member is someone who is a Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident Holder, who has been a resident in Australia for at least 2 Years.

Subclass 602 Medical Treatment Visa 

We specialize in MTV applications and can guide you through or complete the process for you quickly and efficiently. This visa allows both onshore and offshore applicants to enter or stay in Australia and seek medical treatment, for either a 3-month period or for an extended period, up 12 months.

You may have family members accompany you during the period of medical treatment. These visa generally allow you to apply onshore for a new visa – however, some conditions apply, please contact us to discuss your options.