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Visa Information

Student Visas

Applying for a student visa in Australia can be a complex process. Talk to one of our student visa agents in Perth and avoid scams. We provide legitimate and competent student visa advice at an affordable price. With the help of Modern Migration Australia’s student visa agents in Perth, you will be able to understand the entire application process for any of the subclasses. Your education is too important to risk with unsolicited services and empty promises.

Australian Student Visas (Class TU) covers a broad range of temporary education needs from ELICOS (language study) to post-graduate doctoral programs.

There are 8 student visa subclasses: 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576 and 580 which can, with careful planning, lead you to further temporary or permanent visa options.

As of recently, most graduates will be able to remain in Australia for up to 3 years on a temporary visa, after graduation. This will apply if you obtained a student visa after November 2012.

The Student Visa Subclasses

Independent ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) (Subclass 570) is for applicants undertaking an independent non-award language or certificate 1 to 4 course. Depending on your circumstances, upon course completion, you may be eligible to apply for further temporary, education, work or permanent visas. If you need to improve your language skills prior to undertaking an award course as part of an award course program, then you apply for the higher level schools, VET, HE or post-graduate visa. Our qualified student visa agents in Perth can talk you through the entire process.

Schools (Subclass 571) visa covers the following enrolments:

  • primary school;
  • secondary school including junior and senior secondary
  • approved secondary exchange programs.

The successful completion of your program of choice will then allow you to access either the vocational education and training scheme to complete certificate or diploma level training in trades or semi-professional courses or the higher education e.g. university – to undertake either a bachelor’s, masters or PhD degree program.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) (Subclass 572) visa allows you to complete any of the following:

  • certificate I, II, III, and/or IV;
  • VET diploma; or
  • VET advanced diploma courses from authorised government and private institutions.

Depending on your circumstances, the course of study and other factors, you have to be able to access an HE sector visa, work or permanent visas.

Higher education (HE) (Subclass 573) is for applicants of a bachelor degree; associate degree; graduate certificate; graduate diploma; HE diploma; HE advanced diploma; masters by coursework. Degree holders may have further temporary, work or permanent visa options available to them after graduation. For more details contact the student visa agents at Modern Migration Australia in Perth.

Non-award (Subclass 575) is used to apply for either a complete non-award course, or parts of a course that may form part of industry specific training. The type of courses that can be applied are very broad and our student via agents offer advice on course and provider selection.

Postgraduate research (Subclass 574) is for those contemplating a research based master’s or doctoral degree program. Degree holders may have further temporary, work or permanent visa options available to them after graduation.

AusAID or Defence (Subclass 576) are for students undertaking full time courses in any of the subclass visa types, but who are sponsored by the Australian government.

The student guardian (Subclass 580) is a visa that allows a guardian (parent, sibling, authorised adult) to support and live with a guardian applicable student while they are in Australia. There are several key criteria to be meet and restrictions on who can be a guardian apply, our student visa agents can provide you with all the information you need.

For advice you can trust, speak to one of our student visa agents in Perth please call (08) 6555 7718.