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Bring your family together. At Modern Migration Australia, we specialise in parent and partner visa applications for Perth and the rest of Australia based sponsors.

A partner or spouse visa allows citizens, permanent residents and eligible NZ citizens in Perth and the remainder of Australia, to apply to sponsor their spouses, partners and fiancés to join them in Australia. Likewise, parent visas allow children to sponsor their parents to live in Australia and complete the family circle in your new home.

There are, of course, many criteria to meet for these types of visas. The criteria also varies depending if the family member you are seeking to sponsor is living in Australia or overseas.

Contact an experienced partner visa agent and parent visa agent in our Perth Office for information and assistance on applying for this type of visa.

Find out which Partner, Fiancée, or Spouse Visa is appropriate for you in Perth and other parts of Australia

Subclass 820 Partner (Provisional) / Subclass 801 Partner (Residence) – Onshore

The Subclass 801/820 visa combination reflects the ‘qualifying’ and qualified components of these visas. A successful visa applicant will be granted as an ‘820 provisional visa’ that will be in effect for 2 years.

If, after 2 years, the visa holder is still in the relationship or for select reasons is no longer in a relationship, they will, generally be granted an ‘801’ permanent resident visa. The 801 visa is a PR Visa.

Subclass 309 partner visa (provisional) / subclass 100 partner visa (migrant) – offshore
This visa is essentially the offshore version of the onshore ‘820/801’ partner or spouse visa, except that the applicant(s) is living overseas rather than in Australia at time of application. The other difference is that couples intending to marry can also use this visa. Talk to us about how this visa can work for you so your partner can gain PR in Australia.

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage “Fiancée” (Temporary) – Offshore
If you are engaged to a person who is outside of Australia and you cannot meet the “Partner Visa” criteria (i.e. unable to prove a history of a shared life together) this visa may be a viable choice for reuniting you with your loved one.

With the help of your partner visa agent you can be reunited with your loved ones no matter where you are in Perth, Australia, or around the world. Call us now on +618 6555 7718.

Parent Visas

Parent visas allow eligible family members in Australia to bring their parents to Australia to live as Permanent Residents in Australia.

The closure of non-contributory visas in June 1 2014, has been overturned. Hence Parent Visa applications can occur for Contributory (12 to 24 month processing periods) and Non-Contributory Parent visas (30 plus year processing period). Both visa streams can be applied for on or offshore through our parent and partner visa agent at our Perth office.

The Contributory Parent visa subclasses are:

  • Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 143 (Migrant) – Offshore
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 864 (Residence) – Onshore
  • Contributory Parent Visa Subclass 173 (Temporary) – Offshore
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa Subclass 884 (Temporary) – Onshore

Non Contributory Parent visa Subclasses are:

  • Aged Parent 804 – Onshore
  • Parent Subclass 103 – Offshore

The “Balance of Family” test is applicable to all Parent Visas.

Remaining and Dependent Relatives – Open To New Applications- Currently a 56 year Waiting List

The Remaining Relative Subclass 115 (Migrant – Offshore) and Subclass 835 (Residence – Onshore) visas allow families to sponsor a remaining relative living overseas to come to Australia. It is important to seek advice on who is deemed a ‘near relative’ as qualification varies, depending on the status of the sponsor.

An Aged Dependent Relative Subclass 114 (Migrant – Offshore) and Subclass 838 (Residence – Onshore) require that the person is supported by a qualifying Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand National. The aged dependent person must effectively be living alone and be without a partner or spouse.

Carer Visa – Open To New Applications

Carer visas are restricted to eligible family members who may be living in Australia or overseas at the time of application and who are sponsored by qualifying family member living in Australia. A person who is granted a carer visa is able to work and access Medicare and other welfare services (subsidised) and in the longer term, apply for Australian citizenship.

Carer Visa (Offshore) Subclass 116 – Open To New Applications
Carer Visa (Onshore) Subclass 836 – Open To New Applications 

If you need any more information on applying for a parent or spouse visa, call a parent and partner visa agents in our Perth Office on (08) 6555 7718.

Your family is too important to wait!