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Student Visa Cancellations over 13,000 offshore 3,000 onshore in the last immigration year

Over 3,000 international students were removed from Australia and more than 13,000 were blocked even before they arrive due to the Government’s crackdown on immigration fraud months.


The Home Affairs Department is reviewing student visa data more closely and focusing on visa holders who are no longer to enrolled in a course with more than 6 months left on their visas.


The Department is looking at this correlation to determine whether or not a student is in Australia to receive work rights or to actually study – be a Genuine Student and thereby meet the requirements to be a genuine temporary entrant. There is of course a political aspect to this process.


The new Immigration Minister David Coleman said, “International students seeking to study in Australia should be motivated by Australia’s world class education system. As a student visa holder, you must notify the Department if any changes to course enrolments. While international students are granted restricted work rights while in Australia, students found to be working in breach of these work rights are liable to have their visa cancelled.”


Also, universities and other education providers were required to report to the government about international students, who were regularly not attend classes, not passing classes and those who did not pay fees.


Furthermore, the Minister also foreshadowed changes to the student visa program noting that:


“The student visa program is very positive for the Australian economy and any potential changes will be taken in consultation with the education sector, and with a view to ensuring that the program continues to work in the interest of all Australians,”


As part of the its political platform focus on immigration the Government is preparing to overhaul the visa system with temporary visas, including student visas as part of the new population policy likely to announced next month.


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