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Visa information

Do Business in Australia

Do you wish to:

  • Set up a business in Australia?
  • Do business with an Australian company, in Australia?

Australia’s economy is thriving, and many savvy business owners and companies from around the world are taking advantage by conducting business and investment activity here in Australia. Will you join them?

A points test will help you determine which of the several entry streams in this Visa class are suited to your unique situation. Let MMA guide you through the process, to ensure your application has the greatest chance of success.



Modern Migration Australia currently has the following business opportunities:

We require a registered and passionate migration consultant to join our team


  • Minimum 3 years professional experience
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team
  • Can work independently to own hours and self-motivate to achieve business objectives
  • Keen to share your unique expertise with our team and clients

Please contact us for more details and to apply



We are currently accepting expressions of interest from business partners based in Italy, France, UK, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Vietnam, China and Japan.

Our cross-country professional services, complete with local connections and knowledge, will provide immeasurable value to your clients who wish to study, work or live in Australia.

Communication will be in English, but translation for business proceedings can be arranged if required. However, please note that all legal documentation required for clients’ Visas, etc, will need to be professionally translated into English, as per Australian Immigration regulations.

Visa Options