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Visa information

Visa Refusal – AAT Appeals – Winning At The AAT

  • Do you need representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal?
  • Has your previous Visa application been refused and you need to explore alternatives?
  • You have a criminal record and are concerned about meeting the Character Provisions?
  • Has your current Visa expired and you require a new one?
  • Do you need protection and cannot stay in your own country for your personal safety?
  • Has your spousal or defacto relationship broken down during the provisional visa phase?
  • Have you just been retrenched as a 457 visa holder?
  • Have your circumstances changed in a way that may affect your visa status?
  • Have you received a Natural Justice Request Letter about your current visa application?
  • Have you received a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation of Your Visa (NOIIC)?

The professionals at Modern Migration Australia will prioritise your request and work with you to determine the best way forward for your individual circumstances and provide you with precise advice on what you need to do next.

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