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You don’t know which type of visa you can apply for

Understanding the Australian Visa system and the eligibility requirements can be a daunting experience. This is especially so because what is often found on the Department of Immigration website is very general information and may not apply to your particular circumstances – even if you feel your visa options are quite simple. You’ve probably also checked out numerous visa agent sites and found similar or perhaps even better information. But is that enough for you to be confident about making a visa application.

While you may consider our view scare mongering – it’s not by the way – as registered and approved migration agents with may years of experience dealing with a the fluid migration rules and policy interpretations, we’ve seen how simple errors have ended the future hopes of many aspiring Australian Permanent Residents and Temporary Visa Applicants. We unfortunately see this outcome all too often.

Hence our only recommendation is, speak to a registered migration agent and find out for sure where you stand and what visa you can apply for. Registered Australian Migration Agents abide by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct and that ensure you have full legal protection in the event the advice you receive is inaccurate.

The Team at Modern Migration Australia are just an email or phone call away.