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You have problem with your visa

Visa problems come in many forms and sizes – unfortunately, some of them have the potential to temporarily derail your visa and worse, terminally end your dreams of a holiday, study, career or life with family here in Australia.

Most problems tend to arise after you have made a visa application – you’ve received a Request For Further Information (RFI) from a Case Officer – or when you are trying to make a new visa application – and for some reason the online system’s says you can’t.

Receiving that RFI can be a shock to them system. It probably has a list of additional documents or they are asking questions that don’t make any sense to you or seem relevant. While sometimes there are errors in RFI’s a clear majority of the times they are issued you have an issue that needs to be be addressed and further information provided.

The biggest issues with visas that we see are: Character – you’ve got a criminal conviction of some kind in your history that you have forgotten about or which seemingly didn’t lead to a jail term or significant fine but which you are now being asked to explain. You may even have a history of traffic offences or maybe even outstanding fines? All matters now relating to a persons past behaviour regardless of the level of offence, have the potential to see a visa refused. In some cases, such as family visa, having a criminal record may well prevent you from being a sponsor.

The other factor we are encountering increasingly are issues relating to an applicant or family members medical condition. The issues here are complex and seemingly unfair. But, as they can lead to a visa refusal and in some circumstances can’t be appealed or the chances of appealing to the Minister are unlikely (currently on 3% of requests to the Minister to exercise Ministerial Intervention and grant a visa are successful), either there is no option – truly a tough outcome for you but we won’t let you go down a path to no where – or an alternative strategy is required.

Of course, there are lots of other issues and problems you could be having with your visa and we can certainly advise or assist you with all of them. The Team at Modern Migration Australia are just an email or phone call away.