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New Lodgement Requirements for Spouses-Partner and Fiancé Visas

At Modern Migration Australia, we specialise in providing expert advice on spouse visa, marriage visa and partner visa applications. Our Perth professionals help you strengthen your application to minimise processing times, delays and complications.

As part of our services to you, we keep you updated on visa changes and revisions that may affect your applications. Learn more about the changes for spouse visa, marriage visa and partner visa applications as detailed in the Legislative Instrument IMMI 18/103.


Spouse-Partner and Fiancé Visa Application Changes

The Spouse-Partner 820/801 (Onshore), 309/100 (Offshore) and Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage (Fiancé) visas dominate the broader family visa category making up nearly 80% of all applications within this overall family visa group. While there have been some changes to the visa categories over the past year, new changes come into effect from 1 July 2018. These changes include:

  • The requirement for applications to be lodged electronically unless you have specific permission from the Department to lodge a paper application by a specified date, affecting:
    • Temporary Spouse-Partner Subclass 820, 309 and Provisional 300 Visas
    • Permanent Spouse-Partner Subclass 801 or 100 Visas


Understanding Application Changes

While the Legislative Instrument details how to make applications, it doesn’t set or indicate criteria by which the Department will assess compelling reasons and give permission for a paper application to be lodged. It also doesn’t detail where a paper application can be delivered to or how it can be delivered – post, by hand or courier.


Previous Changes to Consider

We recommend reviewing other recent changes to visa requirements in order to ensure that your application is made properly. Changes include:

  • Providing a substantially complete application at the time of lodgement for the Subclass 820/801 and 309/100 Visas as applications with minimal evidence may be subject to immediate refusal without a Request for Further information being made by the Department
  • The inclusion of legally married same sex couples to lodge an application under the Spouse Visa 820/801 or 309/100 requirements
  • Higher scrutiny of sponsors for the Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage, Subclass 820/801 and 309/100 Visas and the requirement to provide police clearance certificates
  • The denial of the right to be a sponsor if a potential sponsor has a criminal history that includes scheduled criminal conviction types
  • The refusal of Spouse-Partner or Fiancé Visas due to medical grounds


Reliable Advice on Lodging a Spouse-Partner or Fiancé Visa

If you’re considering lodging a Spouse-Partner Subclass 820/801 – 309/100 or Subclass 300 Fiancé Visa, ensure you’re equipped with the right information. With minimum costs of visa applications averaging at around $7000, professional advice can save you significant time, stress and money.

At Modern Migration Australia, our registered migration agents assess your eligibility and enhance your chances of a successful visa application. We help you strengthen your application for a smooth, fast and simple process.

Contact our registered migration agents on 08 6555 7718.