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New Graduate stream available for Western Australian State Nomination

Modern Migration Australia are now pleased to advise

  • Applications now open for Graduate Occupation List under the State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP)
  • New list will provide a pathway to skilled migration for Western Australia’s best and brightest international graduates
  • The initiative will attract the best global talent to boost the economy and create jobs for Western Australians

The new stream is available to:

  • eligible university graduates who have gained a higher qualification and studied for at least two years in Western Australia at a Western Australian university;
  • and meet the Western Australian State Nomination Graduate stream eligibility criteria including

– Meet the DIBP’s requirements for SC489

– Meet English requirements

– Demonstrated the minimum required work experience in nominated occupation

– Provide a contract of employment

– Demonstrated sufficient settlement funds

  • have an available occupation on the Graduate occupation list for the intended visa subclass


ANZSCO code ​Occupation List Eligible Visas

​PhD and Masters graduates  Bachelor and higher degree graduates ​   Status  

​190 visa** ​489 visa** ​ ​  
​221111 Accountant (General)  Y Y Y Y Available  
​233911 ​Aeronautical Engineer ​Y Y Y Y ​Available
​231111 ​Aeroplane Pilot Y​ ​Y ​Y ​Available
​234111 ​Agricultural Consultant ​Y Y​ ​Y ​Y ​Available
​234112 ​Agricultural Scientist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​411111 ​Ambulance Officer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253211 Anaesthetist​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​232111 Architect​ ​Y ​Y ​Y Y​ ​Available
​252711 ​Audiologist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​271111 Barrister​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253312 Cardiologist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253512 Cardiothoracic Surgeon​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​272111 ​Careers Counsellor ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​233111 ​Chemical Engineer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​233211 Civil Engineer​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253313 Clinical Haematologist​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​272311 Clinical Psychologist​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​252311 ​Dental Specialist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​252312 Dentist​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253911 Dermatologist​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​261312 ​Developer Programmer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253917 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241111 Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​​Available
​233311 Electrical Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​​Available
​233411 Electronics Engineer​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​253912 Emergency Medicine Specialist​ ​Y Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253315 Endocrinologist ​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233915 Environmental Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251311 Environmental Health Officer​ Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​132211 Finance Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222311 Financial Investment Adviser​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222312 Financial Investment Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
253316 ​Gastroenterologist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253111 ​General Practitioner ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​234411 Geologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233212 Geotechnical Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251511 Hospital Pharmacist​ Y​ Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
141311 Hotel or Motel Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​262112 ​ICT Security Specialist ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
233511 Industrial Engineer ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251512 Industrial Pharmacist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​411112 ​Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​253317 Intensive Care Specialist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233112 Materials Engineer​ ​Y ​Y Y Y​ ​Available
​233512 Mechanical Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Y Availabl​e
​251211 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253314 Medical Oncologist​ ​Y ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253999 Medical Practitioners nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241311 ​Middle School Teacher Y​  Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254111 ​Midwife ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
233916 Naval Architect ​Y Y​ Y Y​ ​Available
​253318 Neurologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253513 ​Neurosurgeon ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254211 ​Nurse Educator ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​254411 Nurse Practitioner ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253913 ​Obstetrician and Gynaecologist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​251312 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252411 Occupational Therapist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
253914 Ophthalmologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253514 Orthopaedic Surgeon​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252112 Osteopath ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253515 ​Otorhinolaryngologist  Y ​Y Y​ ​Y ​Available
253321 Paediatrician​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253915 Pathologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252511 Physiotherapist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253517 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252611 Podiatrist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241213 Primary School Teacher​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233513 ​Production or Plant Engineer ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253411 ​Psychiatrist Y​ ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​272399 Psychologists​ nec ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233213 Quantity Surveyor​ Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253918 ​Radiation Oncologist ​Y Y​ ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​254413 ​Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254414 ​Registered Nurse (Community Health) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254415 ​Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
254416 Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​254417 Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​254421 Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​254418 Registered Nurse (Medical)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​254422 ​Registered Nurse (Mental Health) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​254423 Registered Nurse (Perioperative)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​254424 Registered Nurse (Surgical)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​254499 Registered Nurses nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​272114 Rehabilitation Counsellor ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​253322 Renal Medicine Specialist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​132511 Research and Development Manager Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​253112 Resident Medical Officer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253323 ​Rheumatologist ​Y Y​ ​Y ​Y ​Available
​241411 Secondary School Teacher​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272511 Social Worker ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​261313 ​Software Engineer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​271311 Solicitor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241511 Special Needs Teacher​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​253311 Specialist Physician (General Medicine)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253399 Specialist Physicians nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252712 Speech Pathologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233214 Structural Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253511 Surgeon (General) Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​232212 Surveyor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241512 Teacher of the Hearing Impaired​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​241513 Teacher of the Sight Impaired​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
263311 Telecommunications Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​253324 Thoracic Medicine Specialist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233215 Transport Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y Y ​Available
​232611 Urban and Regional Planner​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Available
​253518 Urologist ​Y Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​253521 ​Vascular Surgeon ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​234711 ​Veterinarian Y​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​141999 ​Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​224111 Actuary​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Available
​252211 ​Acupuncturist ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
225111 Advertising Specialist ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
261311 Analyst Programmer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249211 ​Art Teacher (Private Tuition) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​212111 Artistic Director​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212212 ​Book or Script Editor ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​141211 ​Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager ​Y ​Y ​Available
​232213 ​Cartographer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​252111 Chiropractor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222111 Commodities Trader​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​221211 Company Secretary​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252299 Complementary Health Therapists nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​234311 Conservation Officer​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212411 ​Copywriter ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​132111 Corporate Services Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272199 Counsellors nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249212 ​Dance Teacher (Private Tuition) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
211112 ​Dancer or Choreographer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​262111 Database Administrator​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251111 Dietitian​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212312 Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249111 Education Adviser​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272312 Educational Psychologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​233914 Engineering Technologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ Available​
​221213 External Auditor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272113 Family and Marriage Counsellor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212314 ​Film and Video Editor ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222112 Finance Broker​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222199 Financial Brokers nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222299 Financial Dealers nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222211 Financial Market Dealer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224212 Gallery or Museum Curator​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​232411 Graphic Designer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224213 Health Information Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251911 ​Health Promotion Officer ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​223111 Human Resource Adviser Y​ Y​ ​Available
​225211 ICT Account Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​261111 ICT Business Analyst​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​225212 ICT Business Development Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer​ Y​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​225213 ICT Sales Representative​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​263212 ICT Support Engineer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​263213 ​ICT Systems Test Engineer ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224999 Information and Organisation Professionals nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​232511 Interior Designer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​221214 Internal Auditor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212499 Journalists and Other Writers nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​271299 Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​139913 Laboratory Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224511 Land Economist​ ​Y Y​ Y ​Available
​232112 Landscape Architect ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224912 Liaison Officer​ Y​ Y​ Available​
​224611 ​Librarian ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​221112 ​Management Accountant Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224711 Management Consultant​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​225112 Market Research Analyst​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​225113 Marketing Specialist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224112 Mathematician​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​211212 Music Director​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​211299 Music Professionals nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249214 ​Music Teacher (Private Tuition) ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​252213 ​Naturopath ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​212412 Newspaper or Periodical Editor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272313 Organisational Psychologist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224914 Patents Examiner​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​234914 Physicist ^ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​224412 Policy Analyst Y​ Y​ ​Available
​132411 Policy and Planning Manager​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212413 Print Journalist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249299 Private Tutors and Teachers nec ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212315 Program Director (Television or Radio)​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272314 Psychotherapist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​131114 ​Public Relations Manager ​Y ​Y ​Available
224214 Records Manager ​Y Y​ Y​ Available​
​223112 Recruitment Consultant​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​251513 Retail Pharmacist​ Y​ Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272499 Social Professionals nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​261314 ​Software Tester Y​ Y​ ​Y ​Available
​241599 ​Special Education Teachers nec ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212316 Stage Manager​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​222213 Stockbroking Dealer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​272115 Student Counsellor​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​262113 Systems Administrator​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​261112 Sys​tems Analyst ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​221113 Taxation Accountant​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​249311 ​Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212317 Technical Director​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​225499 Technical Sales Representatives nec​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212415 ​Technical Writer ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​212416 Television Journalist​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​252214 ​Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner ​Y ​Y ​Y ​Available
​224512 Valuer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​212318 Video Producer​ ​Y Y​ Y​ ​Available
​261212 ​Web Developer ​Y Y​ ​Y ​Available
​234213 Wine Maker​ Y​ Y​ Available