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Labour Market Testing Update- commenced on 12 August 2018.

To satisfy the current LMT requirements, a nominated position must meet all of the below:

  • the advertisement was in Australia, in English and included the title, or a description, of the position; the skills or experience required for the position; the name of the approved sponsor or recruitment agency and the salary (the annual earnings for the position are lower than $AUD 96,400).
  • at least two advertisements were published on a prominent or professional recruitment website; or national print media or radio with national reach; or on the business’ website if the sponsor is an accredited sponsor.

Note: LinkedIn’s online recruitment platform is acceptable for LMT purposes. Twitter and Instagram are not accepted.

  • advertisements are expected to have run for at least four weeks.
  • applications or expressions of interest for the advertised position must have been accepted for at least four weeks.

Evidence of LMT may include:

  • Copy of the job advertisement
  • Fees or invoices for recruitment services
  • Contract between company and executive search firm
  • Summary of search undertaken such as number of applications received
  • Written referral or endorsement explaining why specific applicant was suitable, and others were not.

The above requirements do not apply for these occupations/positions which:

  • require the applicant to have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a profession or field (sport, academia or research, a top-talent chef…)
  • or are held by a TSS or Subclass 457 visa holder for which a new nomination has been lodged solely because:
    • the annual earnings that will apply to the nominee have changed
    • a change in business structure has resulted in the nominee’s employer lodging a new application to be approved as a standard business sponsor
  • or relating to an intra corporate transfer (ICT)
  • or the annual earnings of the occupant will be equal to or greater than AUD 250,000.00
  • or nominated as a Medical Practitioners (excluding General Medical Practitioner and Medical Practitioners nec) or an Ambulance Officers or Paramedics.

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