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Australian Partner and Spouse Visas

The world has become more connected and relationships and partners have changed. Now, people from across the world meet through travel, work, education, friends or shared interests. Particularly in Australia, having a significant other from a different country – whether of the same or opposite sex – is extremely common.

Many couples from different origins wish to build and continue their lives in Australia. But, to do so, individuals without Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence must apply for the appropriate visa. At Modern Migration Australia, our Perth professionals guide you through the range of partner visa options. As registered migration agents, we assist with partner visa applications to help you and your partner create a life and home in Australia.

If your spouse, fiancé or partner fits one or more of the following conditions, we can help:

  • Lives with you in Australia but has a visa expiring soon
  • Lives overseas but wishes to join you to live in Australia
  • Lives overseas with you but plans to join you in living in Australia

Partner and Spouse Visas

Available to both same sex and heterosexual relationships, thanks to a change in the Australian Marriage Act, Partner/Spouse Visa Subclass 820/801 and 309/100 are now both viable options to all couples. In order to be granted approval, both unmarried and married visa applicants and sponsors must be able to demonstrate a genuine relationship through the provision of proof and evidence.

Our registered migration agents guide you through the criteria that visa applications are assessed on and help you gather and provide evidence of your genuine relationship.

De Facto Visas

Existing marriage, or intent to marry, isn’t required for couples to be granted visas. Every relationship is unique and each individual has different values and opinions when it comes to marry or to not. With this in mind, couples don’t need to be married or have any intention to marry in order to be granted a visa. Couples in long-term de facto relationships – over three years in duration at the time of application – may be able to qualify for a Subclass 801 Permanent Visa.

Marriage Visas

Couples with the intention to marry offshore or who are engaged to be married may be eligible for the Subclass 309/100 Visa and the Subclass 300 Visa respectively.

Married couples with children may also qualify for the Permanent Visa Subclass 801 if they have been married for over two years at the time of application.

Partner Visa Applications

Partner visa applications require you to demonstrate a genuine and ongoing relationship with strong evidence. Depending on the type of visa you apply for, requirements can vary. At Modern Migration Australia, we provide personalised advice on the requirements of each type of visa application.

Expert Advice from Registered Migration Agents

Strengthen and lodge your partner visa application with help from the team at Modern Migration Australia. Based in Perth, we provide couples of all backgrounds and origins with sound advice and support on the different relationship and partner visas available in Australia.

Find out more about building a life in Australia with your significant other. Get tailored advice on partner visas with Modern Migration Australia. Contact us on (08) 6555 7718.