The Subclass 494 Visa – Here’s What You Must Know

When it comes to the forever changing of laws and regulations, it is always recommended to do in-depth research, to ensure that one is applying to for correct visa.

Today we are looking at the Subclass 494 Visa – the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa.

This visa was put in place instead of what was known as the Regional Skilled Migration Visa Subclass 187.

Prior to taking an in-depth look at the visa requirements, here are the basics one should understand.

Firstly, to apply for this visa, one needs to be nominated by an approved employer. That nomination must be approved. Second, one need to live in a designated regional area. These areas are listed and approved, and this is an important part.

As with most sponsored visas, an applicant can only work for that company. In addition, the work must be in the designated regional area. After working on this visa for 3 years, one can apply for permanent residency.

The Visa Criteria

Like with all visas, the subclass 949 also has several crucial criteria sections. Here are the crucial ones that an applicant must meet:

An applicant must be less than 45 years of age

One must have a positive skill assessment for that specific occupation they are working in.

Most importantly, an applicant also needs three years of work experience. With the three years of experience, unlike other skilled visas where you can accumulate hours of work that will count towards an application, with the subclass 494 the work experience must be through full-time employment. Furthermore, one must have been paid superannuation, have been illegible for holiday leave, sick leave, and family leave.

So again, it’s crucial to understand that obtaining the 494-subclass visa, requires one to be in full-time employment.

When sitting down to discuss this visa and its requirements, like with every visa, we will dive deep into all the criteria and requirements. This will ensure one can take the next step and begin the application process.

If someone has already started an application, we can also assist from any stage of the process.

Again, the most important thing to remember about this specific visa is the full-time employment. The three year timeframe is crucial for the visa to be approved. Without the full-time employment period, the visa will simply be denied.

So, if you are an employer looking to sponsor someone with a 494 visa, or you are a person who has been offered a nomination, we encourage you to talk to us about the criteria and requirements.

How We Can Help

Over the years we have dealt with many cases, and we understand that no two cases are ever the same. For this very reason we sit down with every applicant. We make sure to go through every single detail that will eventually allow us to achieve the best result.

For any further information regarding visas, citizenships, and appeals, contact us at Modern Migration Australia. It would be an honour to assist and guide you in the right direction.

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