How Do I Get An Australian Citizenship? Perth Migration Expert Explains

When it comes to obtaining an Australian citizenship, likely the most important fact to keep in mind  is that no two cases are the same.

That’s why it’s always best to complete some in-depth research regarding the process and requirements prior to starting the process.

And, if something is unclear, getting professional advice from either the government website, office, or a migration agent is always an option.

Prior to looking at ways of obtaining a citizenship, an important one to know is that if your parents are Australian and you are born in Australia, that means you are an Australian citizen.

That means that a citizenship application is not required.

That however should not be confused with what is known as, birthright citizenship. Australia does not have that. So, if one arrives to Australia and they have a child who was born overseas, they do not automatically receive a citizenship.

This is a crucial point to bear in mind if the family do have plans of visiting or returning to Australia.

So, with all that said, how do you get an Australian Citizenship?

One way to qualify and receive an Australian citizenship is through descent. A common circumstance would be if the parent is a an Australian citizen, and the child was born overseas. In this case, obtaining a citizenship would require the following:

Firstly, one would need to provide the correct evidence, starting with the evidence and proof of an Australian parent.

Although that sounds fairly simple, the department of foreign affairs and the office of citizenship have actually made this process a little more complex.

That said, generally speaking, citizen by descent is not a tough process, it just requires the right documentation.

The second common approach would be applying for an Australian citizenship through the permanent visa programs. For example, a person may apply for permanent residency. After four years of living in Australia where one year is as a permanent resident, one can apply for citizenship. This too is a common option and one that also has a relatively simple process.

That said, with this application, there are several points an applicant needs to understand.

For example, during this application, one would need to apply and remain in Australia until the application is processed and approved.

The Character Criteria

As with all things to do visa applications, one of the most important factors is the character criteria.

Furthermore, when it comes to applying for citizenship, the character check is crucial. It is an extremely strict part of the application. One that certainly has a major impact on the outcome.

Unlike some visa applications where one can still receive a visa if they were issued a fine in the past or even a short jail term, a citizenship application is different. Any past incident could and likely would mean that one would have their application denied.

That’s why, when people apply for citizenship and our team at Modern Migration are involved in the application process, the first thing we ask an applicant to do is to tell us about their past.

It is crucial we have all the details and facts. That way we can better assist with the process as we strive to get a positive outcome.

We discuss any past convictions, unpaid speeding fines, or any other offences such as drink driving.

Over the years, our team at Modern Migration Australia have assisted many with their applications and the process.

We understand that at times it can get a little overwhelming. Thats why we always recommend taking the time to understand the requirements.

Furthermore, the process can be a lengthy one. So understanding the timeline is extremely important and can have an impact on the current visas one may be on.

For any further information or questions regarding visas, citizenship, appeals, and migration, contact us at Modern Migration. We would be happy to help.

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