How Much Does A Visa to Australia Cost?

One of the most popular questions that we get at Modern Migration and one we often see online, relates to the cost of a visa to Australia.  

And, that’s a great question. After all, it’s only fair that an applicant knows what to expect from the visa process, the time frame, and what financial investment it would require.

That said, answering that question is not easy. In fact, It’s a hard one to answer because every application is different. The cost highly depends on several factors, including the circumstances of every applicant.

When trying to calculate the cost of a visa, here are the common charges applicants should expect:

1. The visa application charge

The application charge is what the government will charge to process the application.

Now again, the charges will vary, depending on the circumstances of the applicant. The cost can result in anywhere between $0-16k for a single applicant. For families it can go way above, reaching a total of 30k or more.

Looking at a number of examples, If an applicant is going through the process of applying for a skilled visa, the cost of that would be approximately $4.6k for a single applicant. For a student visa, the price would be around $700, and a visitor visa application would be $600.

All the application charges are available on the government website.

Again, this may change according to circumstances, amount of people in the application, and the visa subclass. That said, it is a good idea to get an approximate starting figure.

2. Other costs

When it comes to a visa application, depending on the visa, several other costs may be involved.

These could include medical exams that an applicant is required to take. It could also include an English test or the cost of translating documents.  

We have also seen other costs over the years. Those include costs for independent medical advice and postage of documentation around the world (although that one is rare these days).

The point is, when beginning to enquire about the process, it’s important to find out the extra costs as it no doubt all adds up.

3. Migration agent service fee

The agent service fee is what an applicant will be paying the migration agent to handle all the documentation and process.

During an initial meeting with a migration agent, the applicant would find out all the steps that are involved in the process.

When it comes to an agent service fee, it will once again depend on the specific application.

A visitor visa for example would cost approximately $200, although we don’t do too many of those as they are easy for people to do on their own. A business visa which typically requires 15 thousand pieces of paper in preparation would cost a lot more.

The best way to find out the exact cost of the entire application process is to chat to a professional agent.

An agent will be able to assess the specific case and advise on the requirements and process.

The cost may vary according to the circumstances of an applicant but contacting an agent regarding a specific application will certainly make things clearer.

For any questions or more information regarding the cost of a visa to Australia, contact our team at Modern Migration. We would be glad to help answer any questions and guide you in the right direction.

During our initial meeting, whether that may be face to face or online, we will be able to collect all the details and information from you and advise on the required next steps.

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