Spouse and Partner Visa Application For Australia – Here’s What You Need To Know

When it comes to visa applications, there’s no doubt that the steps and process can at times get a little overwhelming and confusing.

In-fact, several of our clients have come to us over the years after trying to go through the process on their own.

As a result, and to assist applicants, our team at Modern Migration Australia do our very best to create guidelines to support those who are looking for information.

Today we are looking at the spouse and partner visa for Australia, also known as the subclass 820/309.

The spouse and partner visa are one of the most popular visas with approximately 30,000 applications processed each year.

When it comes to this specific visa, it is no doubt that the most important part that applicants need to understand is the criteria.

In-fact, the word criteria is one we mention often, purely because an applicant needs to meet the criteria to be able to be granted a visa.

When it comes to the spouse and partner visa, there are four main criteria:


Although all the criteria are crucial for the application, residential is no doubt the criteria that can determine the strength of an application. The residential component would need to be detailed with how long the spouse or partner have lived together.


When it comes to finance, the criteria simply refers to how the applicant has shared their financial resources. Important to note, there are many ways of detailing this but most important to remember that this is about your relationship and circumstances.


When it comes to the social criteria, it basically refers to how friends and family view the relationship of the applicant. It may seem very simple but again, a crucial part of the application.

Love Story

At Modern Migration Australia, the love story criteria is central to the way we view and complete an application. For us, the love story is the most important part while all the other aspects of the criteria support the story.

While the above four points are the criteria, there are many ways to provide the evidence that all need to be extremely detailed.

The better the evidence, the stronger the case that will allow the visa to be granted.

Another reason why the application and evidence are so important is because 99% of the time the department won’t call an applicant for an interview. The visa strongly depends on the details on the application.

A phrase we often like to remind ourselves and our clients of is ‘circling the wagons’, meaning, the goal with applications is to always have a complete and cohesive application creating a defendable application.

When it comes to spouse and partner visas, we have an extremely high success rate and while we demand a lot from our clients, it is all done to ensure the smoothest and quickest process.

While these are the basics of the application, for any further information regarding this or other visa applications, contact us at Modern migration Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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